Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Meeting Minutes: 4.28.09

Project site information.
Competition information.
Design exploration.
  • We looked at prefabricated container systems as a possible 'material'.
  • Interested in exploring positive and negative space.
  • Trying to see if we can modify different elements such as the ramp to become ampitheatres, or grab bars that become monkey bars.
  • Creating territories and identities, one class room and adjacent open space as one territory.
  • Constructing modular classrooms in a short time span, but designed for aproximately 5 years of use.
  • Mechanical/sustainable systems.
  • Programming based on age of kids: Kindergarden and 1st Grade needs bathroom, gathering space, 5th and 6th graders need book shelves.

Class Visit:

One visit of about an hour. Understand the kid's likes and dislikes of the classrooms. Collage and model making activities.

Teams: The innie and the outie

Innie: Jeff, Reiko, Dannon: Taking a look at the interior.

Outie: Howard, Jason, Sam: Taking a look at the exterior.

Katie and anyone else can contact people to see where they'd like to work.

The tasks are meant to be switched up in the future.

Project Proposal

AfH SF Project Proposal FormReturn to: info at afh-sf.org

TITLE:Open Architecture Challenge: Pescadero Elementary and Middle School

Reiko Matsuo: reikomatsuo11 at yahoo.com, Michael Jones: jonesarch at gmail.com, Jason Buscheit: platformny at hotmail.com

Pescadero Elementary and Middle School620 North StreetPescadero, CA 94060

A bilingual rural school with a high concentration of students from migrant farm working families.

May 5th, Registeraion, June 1st



DSK Architects: Architects on board.
1504 Bryant Street, Suite 301San Francisco, Ca 94103t:

PROGRAM ABSTRACT (150 word max):

Enter the Open Architecture Challenge with Pescadero Elementary and Middle School to design a model classroom. Conduct classroom visits to interact with the school children to gain student involvement in the design.

Using prefab containers as a base for design possibilities, explore combinations of built space/ unbuilt space, and configurations of modular classrooms. Separate the skin from structure, and rethink the possibilities of doors, windows and ramps: maybe ramps can become a seating.

Design for Elementary School students.
1. 5 classrooms2. Computer Library3. Music / arts room4. Teacher's lounge5. 2 Bathrooms
6. 1 Storage

PITCH : Pescadero Elementary School is a school that had been having on going redevelopment and construction difficulties where the students are left with inadequate classrooms. Currently there are vacant portable classrooms that are not being used because of code compliance. We can design a model classroom with them with the hopes that we can influence future classroom design, and the award can be used towards the remodeling of the existing classrooms.

OBJECTIVES/STRATEGIC CONTEXT : The project goal is to complete a submission for the Challenge, and to gain enough understanding and offer support to the school board and students. This will help to connect the Bay Area community designers with people in need of design service.


PROJECT STATUS: Need registeration. Schematic Design.

Pescadero Elementary School

620 North St
Pescadero, CA 94060

Important Recent Articles!

A friend is a teacher at the primary school. from email: "I teach 4th grade and our school district demolished our old buildings leaving only 5 classrooms and a lunch room. this means we will not have enough buildings for k-5 grades ( we are short a classroom) and so the chance of winning the contest would be such a gift to our district! Our district got in to a big mess through not following protocol in construction..."

HistoryJune 2008, Primary School: Demolished some old buildings, leased portables, contractor skipped DSA approvals. I believe that there are modular classrooms sitting vacant because of approval issues. The needed buildings are:1. First grade classroom2. Computer Library3. Music / arts room4. Administration BuildingThey are currently looking at being able to fix the Primary school in 4 years. FundingCommunity Bond (2006) 15 Million Bond (prop 39) - tax up to $60 per $100,000 cap. because home/land prices have dropped there is less money to tax.Currently have issued $6 million and are maxed out for the time being.State Modernization / new construction funds - $650,000 (all from phone conversation, need to understand more clearly)

MTG w/ DSK Architects 3/25/2009
Reiko & Michael met with the two partners Amir Kakavand and Mark Seiberlich and Tim Beard joined on conference.Reiko and Michael introduced the idea of the challenge and the opprtunity to gather ideas and attention to the district.Conversation focused on the high school as the best opportunity - though the architects have already completed conceptual/schematic design phase.

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