Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pescadero Elementary School

620 North St
Pescadero, CA 94060

Important Recent Articles!

A friend is a teacher at the primary school. from email: "I teach 4th grade and our school district demolished our old buildings leaving only 5 classrooms and a lunch room. this means we will not have enough buildings for k-5 grades ( we are short a classroom) and so the chance of winning the contest would be such a gift to our district! Our district got in to a big mess through not following protocol in construction..."

HistoryJune 2008, Primary School: Demolished some old buildings, leased portables, contractor skipped DSA approvals. I believe that there are modular classrooms sitting vacant because of approval issues. The needed buildings are:1. First grade classroom2. Computer Library3. Music / arts room4. Administration BuildingThey are currently looking at being able to fix the Primary school in 4 years. FundingCommunity Bond (2006) 15 Million Bond (prop 39) - tax up to $60 per $100,000 cap. because home/land prices have dropped there is less money to tax.Currently have issued $6 million and are maxed out for the time being.State Modernization / new construction funds - $650,000 (all from phone conversation, need to understand more clearly)

MTG w/ DSK Architects 3/25/2009
Reiko & Michael met with the two partners Amir Kakavand and Mark Seiberlich and Tim Beard joined on conference.Reiko and Michael introduced the idea of the challenge and the opprtunity to gather ideas and attention to the district.Conversation focused on the high school as the best opportunity - though the architects have already completed conceptual/schematic design phase.

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