Saturday, May 23, 2009

Floor plan diagrams

These are some diagrams. After playing around with the shape, I tried to fit two classrooms and two ADA bathrooms into one unit. Each class has 24 desk layouts, which can be changed. Studying this shape, I noticed that it natualy creates a relationship to the outside.

I found out that after splitting the unit up in two halves vertically creates a class with an 'outie' and a class with an 'innie'. This seems more interesting and takes advantage of the shape of the unit rather than to split the classroom up horizontally in mirroring classes. This creates two very different feels of a classroom and relationships to the outside. Where one class may have one integral deck or outdoorspace, and the other has two. The drawback is that it doesn't have a centralized space, so the classroom arrangement is geared more towards smaller nooks. The relationship of the outdoors of each classroom is very clear.

I don't think this one works.

This seems to work. Although, it seems more chaotic. This splits the unit up horizontally. It seems like the resultant classroom has more potential within itself for different classroom arrangements.

Please give me comments. Time is short, so I'm going to keep going and hope that the work that I do is something useful. Also... this is the line up of the diagrams. If you see anything you like, or would like to do your own diagrams please do so and post on the blog!

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