Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hi everyone!

The workshop yesterday went great! We found some natural talents amongst us towards kids. Dannon did a great job leading the workshop... and Sam found himself being one of the adored table leaders as kids chanted 'SAM I am'. And the cards came out great, Jason! :D

We have some information about the site:

The current portables are going away because of fiscal reasons. They can't pay to renew the lease on them, and they need to be upgraded, and include fire sprinklers to be upto code. Which is about 50,000$.

The whole school and the town is on a flood plain. So that's why the buildings are raised up.

The current classrooms for 1 - 4 is in good working order with some things that need to be worked out. Need more storage, and projector needs to be plugged in.

Half of the play structure and the soccer field is gated off because the construction job haulted in mid job and so it is not up to code. It's a little sad because it's right there and the kids can't play with them.

The site is amazingly beautiful with hills, flowers, happy kids, happy people, happy cows, goats, horses. Yum!

We got a copy of the existing site plan, which I will scan later today.

So I'll work on the site plan in CAD for Monday.
Floor plan: Dannon
Exterior structure: Sam I am. and Howard.

If anybody would still like to be involved, please email or come to the next meeting on Monday.

Pictures to come.

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